“I Am Bekah The Blogger”

I decided to add Bekah The Blogger as the business name I’ll go by when talking about ALSOMO.

It has a ring to it and no one on isntagram had that handle so I claimed it! @BekahTheBlogger it sounds so professional and it’s pretty awesome you have to admit!

I felt a little torn though because I don’t want to change anything that I already have. Which I don’t really have to honestly, I actually can just add in “Bekah The Blogger” but with “I Am” before it. So like as you see the title of my site is

A Little Something Of My Own

“I Am Bekah The Blogger and This Is ALSOMO

By Rebekah Shiree

It all has a prefect ring to it and so really I am not changing much. I love this and just wanted to share with you guys something that made me happy and feel good! And so I decided to write a blog because “I Am Indeed Bekah The Blogger” lol 😂

I love my logo that I designed for myself!

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