“This Is What I Am Doing”

Hey Hi Hello There! 🙋🏻‍♀️

How is everyone doing?

I just wanted to come write a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

As you guys saw in my last blog I became a distributor for SeneGence! Well since then my mother signed up under me and my grandmother placed an order so we shall see how things will go from here! Hoping for only good things to come from it! We will be doing a live “First Impression Demo” video together on Facebook.

Which on that note I decided to take a break from my Facebook account, so I deleted the app and the messenger app. The reason for this is because I didn’t like that I spent my time just scrolling down Facebook seeing all types of posts that were pretty much useless and I just got pulled into sharing the useless stuff. Also I would get upset with the new evil laws that have come to pass that everyone just seems to post about and it doesn’t make me happy, it all just gets me so upset and in a bad mood. Not good for me at all! Another thing I really hated was seeing dead dogs tortured dogs etc.. I just can’t take it anymore! This does not mean I am completely off of social media, I am using my Facebook page ALSOMO by Rebekah Shiree so that I can still share things like pictures and thoughts., other then that I don’t have to see anyone’s posts.., just mine and people are still able to message me on there and comment on my posts. I feel pretty great and healthy about this decision!

I have also been working on my YouTube channel, which is going great! I’ve been making videos about SeneGence/LipSense hanging out with friends and much more. Since doing this I figured I could make money doing it so I wanted to get serious, I turned our front room that has been used as storage/dogs room into a studio for myself so I bought as new tripod that can hold my phone, my canon camera and a go pro which I don’t have…, yet…. lol I am still working on this and thinking of great videos I could do that people would enjoy, like doing Adam’s make up or waxing his armpits etc.. maybe have a girlfriend come over to sit and talk about stuff while drinking wine. I mean that sounds like a lot of fun to me! I really enjoy editing videos as well, I seem to be getting better at it too!

I stay up all night and sleep in all day, we just recently found out that the drug dealer in our neighborhood went to jail HALLELUJAH!!! Ever since it’s been quite nice and not so chaotic.. He should be gone for a while so hopefully his wife and kids will find somewhere else to live while he is gone and we pray that he gets saved while he does time!

Adam and I are still TTC (trying to conceive) we haven’t been trying to hard like religiously or anything like that but we are sure to keep in mind my highest fertile day. Before and After. So that is why things are sort of slow with Hope Faith Strength not much up to date there.

This is why I made came up with “A Little Something Of My Own” so that durning the dull moments when we are waiting and it feels like things are money and sad I have this ALSOMO to make me feel like I have something constantly to come here and write when I feel like it make videos just get it all out to whoever reads my blogs! I really want to be known have a little fan base, not to be popular but more to make money by being sponsored by brands and companies or views, likes and ads on my YouTube channel so that I can have some type of income from that!

Want to view my YouTube channel? If you do please Subscribe and leave a few likes on my videos! ALSOMO by Rebekah Shiree

Anyway I really just wanted to share with whoever reads my blogs and also for myself really, to get all of this out there.

I love you all!

Take Care and God Bless My Friends!

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