Senegence Distributor…., Again.

Hey there ladies🙋🏻‍♀️! So as you see I am a Senegence Distributor…, again! And the reason I say “again” is because last year back in May I had signed up and was getting all the things together learning and trying on my lipsense etc.. and just a few days away from having my launch party on my Facebook group page Kiss & Tell I got news that the doctors were going to induce me to give birth and for those of you that know the story my son did not make it and I had given stillbirth so I had to work on me with my mental, physical and emotional health because this had been my second stillbirth within the last three years. So my mind was nowhere near business be a boss or anything of that sort but to just heal.

My sponsor she is amazing, she had been so patient with me and still is, she wasn’t upset she wasn’t about barking orders telling me to get people to sign on or do anything but to take care of myself. She is so sweet and I have always admired her! Due to not being active with senegence and not getting any PV points within six months they canceled my distributor account unfortunately. When I was ready to sign back on I asked my friend/sponsor about signing up again and she told me to wait until there was a deal like the first time I signed up where I pay $55 to be a distributor and I get the $55 right back in credit to order myself some product, which of course I have! 😁😊💄

I just want to give a shout out to her for believing in me and for how supportive she has been with the patience and understanding that she has shown me. Thank you so very much Kristin! 😘💋

With all that being said, get ready to see me trying on all the lipsense colors and trying out all the other products that senegence has to offer! I don’t plan on bugging anyone to buy I love this stuff for myself I don’t have anything bad to say about it. I’m having fun playing with make up vlogging my demos and giving myself something to do whether anyone wants to place an order or not. This is something I have chose to do because I believe in it and I love it! It’s not about making money, but of course that is there for whenever someone wants to place an order through me then cool! If not then whatever it’s still cool! Ha ha ha

It makes me think of how I love Herbalife, I am a distributor for Herbalife as well! The only reason my husband and I both chose to be Herbalife distributors is because we believe in it, whether anyone buys from us or not. We wanted to be a part of something true and real!

You know how some people sign up for like Mary Kay, Avon, It works or you know all those things that you spend money on hoping to sell to others and then you get discouraged because no one is buying from you cause you aren’t making any money so then you give up.. well out of all those things I have spent money on and tried out Senegence and Herbalife I have not given up on, those are the only two that I’ve spent money on to sign up and be a distributor to sell that I actually really believe in.

I am happy, positive and definitely motivated! I even feel confident! So ladies get ready to see me have fun playing with make up and owning it! If you do want to place an order through me all you gotta do is send me a message! Either comment down below, fill out a contact form or go to either one of my social media accounts and DM me! 😊

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