“Make Up Is A Girl’s Best Friend Screw The Diamonds”

Hey there ladies! So the reason I say screw the diamonds is because diamonds don’t cover up the bags under our eyes diamonds don’t cover up our blemishes scars or even wrinkles!

Make up actually does all of that and more! Diamonds don’t bring me confidence, make up does on days that I feel I look like poo, I mean come on everyone women feels that way every once and a while and sometimes it can last for a few days kind of like that time of the month.

Lately I have not felt good on the inside nor the outside even with doing my make up.

I’ve been breaking out and I picked at a pimple above my lip towards the left knowing I shouldn’t and so the blemish is taking a minute to clear and heal so it looks like I have dirt on my face but that is where make up comes in and makes me feel better about myself.. of course it’s not all the time that make up is needed or even wanted.. I love my natural bare face. Women don’t need make up but sometimes it’s our only best friend when we need to feel better about ourself.. it’s kind of like getting a fresh haircut or hair color. It makes you feel refreshed new confident and that’s what make up does for me on certain days..

I used to wear black eyeliner all the time! For those of you who remember those days of mine you know what I am talking about haha! I couldn’t go without it, I always put it on, when I would wake up and it was smeared or coming off I would add more and fix my eyes.

Here is an example lol. I was 13 years old in this photograph.

Of course over the years I grew up and starting going for the more natural look, I now only wear foundation sometimes eyeshadow mascara blush little highlighter and matted lipstick.. or lipsense which is amazing by the way!

Overall what I am saying is that make up is more of a girls best friend than diamonds are. I will post below a few pictures I took after doing my make up. They aren’t perfect but they sure do make me feel a little more better about how I’ve been feelings.. this is actually the first time my make up looks good or that’s just how I feel.

If you are a woman, you know what I am talking about. Your face can either be on fleek or not on fleek sometimes! Hahaha

By the way my hair is in a funky stage right now because I am growing it out to its natural state. I have bangs but I can hide them.

Ignore the dandruff and dog hair on my black dress lol.

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