Hello Twenty Nineteen!

Hey there guys! Wow I haven’t been on for a minute, I have been so busy and just sooo wrapped up in the holidays that I haven’t had time to get on here and just talk!

How was your Christmas did you get anything you really wanted? I know I for sure did! I got the iPhone XS MAX that I wanted so badly!

Also I got some highlighting make up thanks to my amazing husband

I’ve been using this glitter and highlighters and couldn’t be happier! 🤗

Omg I also got a really great planner that I’ve been wanting since the new year was approaching, I got it from Micheals craft store!

It’s perfect for me to stay motivated and have things organized for this new year that just got here it also has scriptures and faith based!

Any who how was your New Years Eve?! What did you do? Adam and I went over to my family’s house instead of going to Old Sacramento due to how freezing cold it was outside and how it would be way too crowded and with people drinking it could get pretty crazy and fights tend to break out durning huge events. So we just stayed in with the family and I got to hang with my two younger sisters and feel cozy and blessed with the whole family to bring in the new year!

I wish I had the count down video where Adam and I kissed and we all cheersed to the New Year! We had lots of great food as well! I need to start documenting everything a lot more! Lol

Oh and guys as you see in the last photograph, we now own a selfie stick that has a button and a speaker at the end of the stick where you hold it, Adam’s mother Nila my mother law sent it to us for Christmas and I was shocked because she had no idea that I have a blog and love to do vlogs! Hahaha

One last thing that Adam and I just bought tonight was a rug for the living room! I’ve really been wanting a rug so it would feel more homey you know what I mean? Well it’s perfect and I’m so shocked at the fact it was only $44 at Costco! This rug at like Marshall’s or Ross would go for a good $79.99 so we definitely scored!

I know that no one ever cares to come over and hang out with us it’s a perfect home for get togethers to play games or sit around and drink wine while playing Charades or Pictionary even Monopoly now that we got this perfect rug I’m surprised by I guess I don’t care, it sucks but at least I have a beautiful cozy home to share with my hubby watching shows and hanging out with our furbabies! That if perfect to me, we just need to have a baby that makes it this year! ❤️🙏🏼.

I’m going to end this blog with a few moments that sum up 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣!

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