Easily Inspired

Hey there guys! How are you? Its almost Christmas, we are only five days away! Have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done yet?!

Anyway I just wanted to pop on and blog a bit about how I am “Easily Inspired”  I tend to get very inspired when watching a tv show or simply scrolling on social media, from people who run their own businesses to being sponsored by certain brands. It looks easy but in reality its not, its actually pretty hard and not easy at all.. First you need to have an audience you need to have followers, that interact with what you share/post on social media. A lot of those guys start out with hashtags which is where I am at right now, I want to make a living doing exactly this, writing a blog and sharing my thoughts on products and writing reviews..

It seems quite simple, I know that a lot of my friends/family/followers don’t really care about anything that I post or share and I was talking with Adam about how I don’t really care that they don’t care I guess because I can’t let others get me discouraged, this is helping me and if this makes me feel good then that’s all that matters, this is my therapy whether or not anyone gives me feedback. If someone along the way comes across one of my post reads it and find sometime type of therapy of their own then that’s great! But if not right now at least I am getting something out of this for myself.

I would love to sit and have coffee or wine with a girlfriend during a podcast, all types of topics we could talk about that would be awesome! Make Up, Dating, Marriage, Relationships, Food, Music or even stories would be pretty cool. One thing I would really love more than just a podcast would be to do a Vlog doing something rad like going sky diving for the first time or going horseback riding or just a mini road trip to the coast and having a small photo shoot, shopping at the mall some many ideas and possibilities?! Who would be down to do that with me? If any of my girlfriends are reading this text me or comment down below if you would be interested?!

Sometimes I get bored, Adam doesn’t have the same energized personality as I so I’m always wanting find something/someone to do a project with that would be just as crazy as me! Like I said I know that some of you just don’t care, not sure if its just that no one really likes me most are busy from what I gather.

I may not be professional but I sure do try my best to make things look great and interesting! Want to be a part of my Blog/Vlog/Podcast? Then get in contact with me and we can brain storm! I am inspired so lets inspire one another!

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Take Care and God Bless my Friends!

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