What Is It That You Want Most This Christmas?

Hey there guys, I am back and writing another post! I have a lot on my mind so I’m just getting it out while I can, also I just really want to give you guys something interesting to read and hopefully get your feedback and if you find this worthy enough to share and pass on to your friends/family!

I know there are probably a lot of things you want for Christmas but what is the One thing the main thing you just really really want for Christmas this year? Whether it be a new car, bills paid off,  make up, tools, computer or in my case the one thing I want most for Christmas this year is the iPhone XS MAX!

I currently have the iPhone X and have for over a year now, back in August I believe our phone service was shut off for about three months which was quite sometime ao they ended our phone service and when we were able to finally pay them and reinstate our phone service a huge payment had poped up out of no where, you see when they leased the iPhone X to me last year, before a certain time you can’t let your payments stop, but because we came into some financial problems when they canceled our service it activated my phones lease to pay in full! Our phone provider told us that we need to either pay the phone off or turn it in to them which we would still have to pay them a return fee, so I was like we might as well pay it off and then I get to keep it and not have to turn it in or have it locked. A good friend of ours that is a manager with our phone provider helped us out by setting up a payment arrangement. 

And then that is when it happened I was in the middle of thinking that I had to look for another phone to upgrade to and at first I didn’t want to, I wanted to keep and continue using my perfect iPhone X but then there I was watching a review of the iPhone XS MAX and I about crapped my pants when I saw that with portrait mode you could mess with the depth perception and get instant stunning photographs that look so professional it puts photographers out of business!!! So yeah that really sold me right there and knowing that the time is up on my phone and we are paying it off and it wont cost a thing up front to upgrade I’m like why the heck not?! It will be like a  $30 a month that is included in the monthly bill so lets do it! 

Its about the same size of the plus iPhones and I like the Gold color it comes in! That is what I want for Christmas! Nothing else really, I did want a piano from Costco that is on sale for $399 but I doubt that my family would all pitch in for it and I really just want to have a baby but it seems a lot to ask for when a phone is a lot more doable in our lives right now. Haha

Now what to get Adam for Christmas is a tough question because he doesn’t ever really want anything but maybe to go see a favorite artist of his perform here in town like atmosphere or Bother Ali.. or Grouch and Eli. Or as simple as a pair of Nike shoes he has been for $50-$60 or $100! He diffidently deserves all of it! I really wish I could get him these things, so we will see?! 

So back to the main question, what is it that you really want for Christmas this year? I know what you’re thinking why tell me, I’m not Santa Claus, but that is okay and I can’t grant you your wish but I can be hopeful with you and overall it’ll be fun just to share with everyone what it is that you really want for Christmas this year! And maybe someone just might bless you because you shared?! 

I look forward to reading what you guys want for Christmas this year!

Take Care and God Bless my Friends

5 thoughts on “What Is It That You Want Most This Christmas?

  1. What I really want for Christmas is to be able to give my children exactly what they want for Christmas and to be able to have both my children both their spouses and my granddaughter lyric here at my house for Christmas that’s the number one thing on my list they all run together as one because if I could get them I would be so happy If my Christmas wish could come true!!!

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