Why I Decided To Create A Little Something Of My Own also known as ALSOMO

Hey there everyone! And welcome, if you are reading this because you are curious as to why I Rebekah have created another website about something I’m into for the moment but that’s the thing, this isn’t a momentary thing for me like everything else was. When going through a lot of grief you try and find things to help fill the void and to make yourself feel better for the time being.. But like I said not this time! This time I am serious about this, Hope Faith Strength is not out the window that is mine and Adam’s thing together and this is “A Little Something Of My Own”

On my website “A Little Something Of My Own” will be full of both Blogging and Vlogging etc…
When I blog it will simply be when I don’t want to record videos or edit them or when I just have a lot on my mind from all types of topics like Healthy Food Recipes, Friends, Family, Maybe some ranting who knows its just whatever comes to my mind.
So Blogging = Whats on my mind.

When Vlogging I will take you everywhere with me from things like Shopping at the store, all types of fun adventures, getting my hair cut doing something new and exciting.. Which I have actually been wanting to go to the Zoo so that would be fun to bring you guys along with me film and edited the whole day there, or when traveling, fun stuff that you may find amusing????
I also would love to take you thrift store shopping with me at my favorite thrift store and pose in the outfits I find!

Of course Adam my husband will help me film with most of my vlogging so that should be fun and a little stressful.. ha ha jk

I will also have a podcast page for when having discussions with Adam or with other people on all topics from health, beauty, fitness, politics, relationships, music, food, movies, tv shows etc anything and everything you can think of pretty much!

I hope you guys understand what I am trying to get across with this whole ordeal with having A Little Something Of My Own website and that you will join me by subscribing and enjoy my day to day shenanigans!

Back in May when I lost my son Logan I had started blogging or should I say “sharing” and it really helped me cope and feel strong! I got busy and was stressing getting things in order to the point that I had stopped writing and but since it’s been so long and I haven’t made any payments its sad and unfortunate but for some reason I have lost all connections with the website lifeandpearls I spent a whole day trying to recover it but could not so I have to come here which I guess is nice to start over but it’s sad that I lost and can’t seem to recover the posts I made about my son and the healing and feelings I had during that time.

I want to give a special thanks to all of my lady friends that support me and are always praying for me, I have had a rough life only at 25 years old and its time to share with you all the happy, joyful and silly humorous moments that I do have in life!

Thank you to all of you ladies that admire me, it really is the greatest form of flattery in my book and its always encourage for me to stay motivated and makes me want to strive for more each day from being a Worship Leader, Wife, Mother, Friend, Sister, Daughter, and Role Model to all young women out there that stumble across this silly but serious site. Maybe just maybe my website will bring you some healing and also you can find “A Little Something Of Your Own”

Don’t Forget to Subscribe and Join Me on my crazy adventures! I love you all very dearly!

Take Care and God Bless my Friends!

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