Losing My Wisdom!

Hey there friends here am with some nerve racking news, there is good news but there is also bad news and that is pretty much why I am blogger about it!

The title is correct, I’M HAVING DENTAL SURGERY
I will be getting all four of my wisdom teeth extracted at the same time!!!

It started out when my bottom left wisdom tooth began to rip through and right next to that is a tooth that had a root canal done to it. I had a tiny bump that appeared before all of that and thought it was from pop corn that I was eating, then when I found out it was a wisdom tooth coming in I would get a sore throat and headache, shortly after that the a week went by and the tight pulsating started!!! 

Here is a picture below of pretty much is what’s happening right now!

or how excruciating and agonizing the pain was I began to believe that the bump was a abscessed next to my root canal, I was freaking out and scared, thank God I had scheduled a dentist appointment like about two months ago so I had some peace.

I get there to the dental office and I’m freaking nervous! I hadn’t been to the dentist in three years because of everything we have gone through and I figured I don’t have any teeth bothering me so I’m all good, but turns out when I turn 26 which will be this coming June I am no longer covered under my father’s insurance, so I better get my teeth checked before I lose his great coverage!

Durning the appointment that has to take sooo many x-rays because it had been sooo long since they’ve seen me and they told me that I need to see the dental specialist and have the surgeon extracted all four of my wisdom teeth, I ask them about the bump that I feared was an abscessed and they said that it wasn’t! Thank God! It is just very inflamed, if you look back at the picture above that is what’s happening and it is causing irritation.

Now the top left wisdom tooth has pretty much came through but it’s going outward which is causing me to bite my check which can be painful sometimes! For the top left that wisdom tooth has a tiny piece of it self showing but it’s not a nuisance at all, but for the bottom left wisdom tooth, the first one that made its way was perfect it grew in just fine and it doesn’t hurt.
But it has a cavity so hasta la viesta to all four of my wisdom teeth because they aren’t needed anyway right?!!…

Overwall with the rest of my teeth I only had one cavity and that made me quite proud of myself because I know I am not the greatest when it comes to brushing my teeth all the time, especially with three years without going to the dentist!

I got a referral from my family dentist to go see the dental specialist for the dental surgery. I called them the next day but they were not open it was a Saturday so I waited till Monday yesterday and called them made my appointment I definitely made sure that they will be putting me to sleep, that was one of the first things the lady asked me if I wanted to go under or if I wanted to be awake during the extraction and I didn’t even hesitate I said SLEEP and she ask me other stuff which was a lot of information that they needed and I was a bit lost but we got it figured out and they set me up an appointment for Dec 21, 2018 at 9:30am which would be perfect and I let Adam know so he could get the time off from work and today he text me telling me that his work won’t give him the time off because other workers have already requested the time off because of Christmas and so he can’t get out of it, not even a half day! 

Im a bit upset because there is nothing he can do but lose his job and of course we don’t want that to happen! And no me going alone or getting a ride and having someone else go with me is not even in the plan, I need my husband my best friend, it’s SURGURY for goodness sakes! Not just a regular dentist appointment! My husband was there for my first surgury ever and I want him to be there for my second surgery. I don’t even need to explain myself further I am a baby sometimes and I’m not ashamed! Lol 

So all that is left for me to do is reschedule hope and pray the pain doesn’t come back or get worse! Wish me luck guys and say a little or big prayer for me! Haha 

Take Care and God Bless my Friends!

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