“Lets Agree To Disagree” – Don’t Unfriend, Just Unfollow

I’ve seen so many people get in debabtes/arguments on Facebook on each other’s walls/post about things they post and believe in, like when I share to “MY” wall and those who are bothered by what I have shared comment what they believe and get so upset and have to state how they disagree and what they believe is right.
It’s like post your frustrations on your own wall. You don’t see me posting my frustrations against what you believe and what you post when I disagree do you?

We are all different and believe in different things whether it’s the truth or not the truth, thing is we all have a right to our beliefs way of thinking I guess politics comes in there somewhere. But I’m not talking abouta political debate, I’m talking about us as mankind as humans who care and love one another to have respect and not let what others believe in define who that person is personally, especially when you are good friends and have been for a long time, don’t unfriend, just unfollow.

As some of you have seen when I have shared a post about the things I disagree with or believe in things like abortion or the president and the lgbtq people when you make a comment against what I have posted/shared I ignore and don’t respond. It’s not because I’m close minded, I just don’t want a discussion to turn into a debate or argument. So like I have said before if you disagree post it on your own wall, it helps. And it keeps us from attacking each other. I respect that you don’t like our president, I respect that you are for the lgbt and I respect that you believe a woman has a right to have abortions, if you shared it on your wall I wouldn’t go and comment how horrible this is I just ignore. Try it, like I’ve said it helps.

Some of you have said that you only comment on my post when you disagree because you think I need knowledge of what I have posted when obviously if I didn’t have the knowledge of what I am posting I wouldn’t be posting it.

So to spare our friendships “Let’s Just Agree To Disagree”
i don’t want to lose any friends over our differences. If you see something I post that makes your blood boil then go post your frustrations out on your own wall, just because I love our president doesn’t mean I’m naïve and not educated, and just because I am very outspoken about abortion and being against it doesn’t mean I don’t care about women’s rights. And lastly just because I post things against lgbtq people doesn’t mean I hate them and would never associate with them. I am genuinely a very nice person/friend if you look past our differences so if you can’t see that just because of the things I believe in then that is something you need to work on yourself and I won’t to let it bother me. But I will pray for you.

Take Care and God Bless my Friends!

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